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Reminder according to the Early Childhood Education Act

Early Childhood Education Act 540/2018 § 54

A child’s parent or other guardian who is not satisfied with the quality of early childhood education or the related treatment has the right to make a reminder to the daycare manager responsible for the activities, the person in charge of the site or the head of early childhood education. The place of business must inform its customers about the right to reminder in a sufficient manner and make the reminder as effortless as possible for the customer. As a rule, the reminder must be made in writing. The reminder can also be given verbally for a special reason.

The reminder must be recorded and processed appropriately, and a written response must be given within a reasonable time of the reminder. The response given to the reminder may not be changed by appeal. Making a reminder does not limit the right to apply for an amendment as separately stipulated. Making a reminder also does not affect the right to file a complaint with the authorities supervising the matter.