Montessori Varhaiskasvatus Oy

More than 40 years for the children

Seven Montessori play schools and a primary school

Our play schools, primary school and afternoon club are maintained by the Montessori Association of Helsinki, which has been operating since 1980.

In 2021, the association’s (early education) play school activities were incorporated into a separate entity, and thus Montessori Early Education Oy was born, which is still 100% owned by the Helsinki Montessori-yhdistys ry.

All parents are welcome to become members of the association.

Montessori Myllypuro
Montessori kids in Helsinki 7

The purpose of the association is to offer children the opportunity of Montessori pedagogical teaching and education and to promote the use, application, and development of Montessori-methods.

Our playschools offer early childhood education and preschool for 1-6-year-old children. Our Montessori elementary school in Herttoniemi has students in grades 1-6. In connection with the elementary school, we also organize afternoon activities.

In all our locations, Montessori thinking serves as the value base as well as the structure for practical work.

Our locations have been operating in their own neighbourhoods for a long time. The schools become fundamental parts of the everyday life of the children, thus developing natural cooperation with their homes and families.

The employees responsible for early childhood education are experienced professionals in their field: Montessori instructors, Montessori assistants, early childhood education and care teachers and child care professionals.