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Discovering joy,
inspiring curiosity

Nurtured curiosity is the base for learning

We offer full-time early childhood education in seven playschools in the Helsinki area. Montessori education is based on the child’s genuine desire and ability to learn. Small groups give the child the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace in a calm and relaxed learning environment.

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Joy and creativity with 40 years of experience

Within Montessori pedagogy, encouraging the child to find their individuality while taking others into account is important. Noticing the good around us and highlighting our strengths and achievements is important to us. 

We value every child’s own pace of progress and interests and help them to act independently. We pay special attention to observing children’s activities and preparing a playful environment that supports the learning process.

An accepting and positive atmosphere gives a safe space for the child to constructively practice emotional and interactional skills.

Curiosity and understanding grows in an inspiring learning environment

The Montessori environment inspires to both learn and play. Appropriately challenging tasks and equipment help the child experience joy from their achievement and success. 

We encourage children to engage in imaginative and joyful activities where it is safe and natural for them to try out different roles, process their experiences and immerse themselves into the world of imagination.

More peace, more time

Our playschools are communities where children and educators learn together, about each other and from each other. By using each other’s strengths and sharing ideas, we develop ways to work together.

Small cozy groups give both children and adults peace and time to focus on each child’s individual development. We also strive for close cooperation with the families.

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register your child early for the Montessori playschool

Our playschools are for 2-6-year-old children. In Myllypuro, children can start as early as one. Make sure to add your child to the queue well in advance. We offer places in order of registration, whilst also taking the child’s age into account.

Our playschools offer preschool education, after which the child has the opportunity to continue in the Helsinki Montessori School in Herttoniemi, regardless of where they live.

Our playschools


Herttoniemi’s Montessori has long-standing history in the area. We offer early childhood education and preschool education for 2-6-year-old children. We are a warm-hearted, small daycare in the heart of old Herttoniemi with spots for 36 children. Communality, working together and respecting each other are the pinnacles of our daily life.


Herttoniemenranta’s Montessori playschool offers early childhood education and pre-school education for 2-6-year-old children. Our small playschool, which has spots for 24 children, is centrally located in the residential area of Herttoniemenranta, close to the metro station. Our days are filled with joyful collaboration, our community and feelings of achievement and success.


Our playschool is centrally located on Munkkiniemen Puistotie, near public transport options. We offer early childhood education and preschool education for 2-6-year-old children. A homelike and safe environment creates opportunities for growth and development. We currently have spots for 46 children.


Myllypuro’s Montessori playschool is situated in a quiet location on Alakiventie, close to both nature and the metro station. We value calm and peaceful everyday life, working together, taking others into account and finding joy in learning new things. We offer early childhood education and preschool education for 1-6-year-old-children. We have spots for 62 children.


Pakila’s Montessori playschool is located in Länsi-Pakila, Helsinki, in a quiet residential area that easily accessible by car or public transport. We offer early childhood education and preschool education for 2-6-year-old children. Our playschool is filled with joy and laughter, spacious facilities that enable various activities and a big yard. The playschool has spots for 42 children.


Our playschool is located in an urban setting on Nervanderinkatu, in quiet Etu-Töölö. We offer early childhood education and preschool education for 2-6-year-old children. The location on the ground floor of an art nouveau building enables a home-like and comfortable Montessori environment for 28 children. Here the children get to grow and flourish as their unique selves.

Kamppi in English

Helsinki English Montessori Preschool, established in 1993, is an English-speaking Montessori playschool in the heart of Kamppi. We offer daycare and preschool to 2-6-year-old children. By using English in our daily activities and as our language of instruction, we offer your child the possibility to learn English in a Montessori learning environment with a highly professional staff. We have spots for 46 children.

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